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“If your business is not on the Internet, then you are not in business!” – Bill Gates

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We have answered the most frequently asked questions, if you have your own that are not on the list, feel free to write to us by email

Yes, if they do not fall within the scope of our reviews and services, then we are open to discussions and partnerships

All services that we provide before the start
in-depth work of specialists, you have the right to withdraw your order. If at the stage when you are shown a prototype (SEO optimization steps, review format, optimal site layout) you refuse the service, we will be understanding. After you approve the prototypes, when work on your project has begun ,you can only make adjustments and wishes, but even partial work must be paid for. We value your and our time

We are Result-oriented, not a long process. Our philosophy is “if we take on a task, we bring it to perfection.” If we helped you, your business, that’s a success for us. We don’t chase thousands of positive reviews, your one is important to us , but sincere, where you really write that they helped you!

Yes, we have an individual approach, individual terms of cooperation

First of all, we make useful reviews that you can successfully implement. Secondly, we provide services for: SEO optimization, review of role-playing tools, write articles about your product (service), create customized, SEO-adapted websites.

Prompt communication + tool-based analysis of your tasks + openness. We only take on what we understand and what we can implement in the shortest possible time.

At this stage, we can help you: with all the steps of SEO optimization, write a detailed review of your product (tool, service), create a website for your business.

Yes, we are not limited by geography

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