Latest Google News to Boost Your Search Engine Success

Latest Google News to Boost Your Search Engine Success

Google often doesn’t make big announcements about minor updates and changes in the workings of its algorithms, which incidentally can lead to both traffic decreases and increases. Being aware of these changes allows you to ride the wave and significantly boost your website. This year, due to the AI boom, Google has undergone numerous changes, which we are carefully monitoring and sharing with you, aiming to help you achieve success in your projects.

Google’s John Mueller said it “reduces some risk” to launch a new domain weeks before migrating your site to it. John said this helps both with internal site risks and external site risks (like from Google’s side).

This came up in a Twitter thread where Jan Caerels posted asking “Someone recently asked me if it was beneficial to launch a new domain a bit before the migration and redirect the whole thing a bit later (I suppose a couple of weeks).” He asked if this was a good idea and John Mueller of Google said yes.

John then explained it is a good idea because “there are both internal & external things that could be risky. This lets you test the waters a bit beforehand. Being in a position where you don’t have to do a secret overnight move makes life easier.”

Googlers have said this before and I know I covered it but I honestly cannot find it right now.

Forum discussion on Twitter

Gary Illyes from Google posted information on how Google Search handles the 103 early hints HTTP server status response. He said, “Googlebot will ignore the 103 and wait for the subsequent response.”

This was posted on LinkedIn and wrote, “HTTP 103 should be handled gracefully by Googlebot. If the response from the server is formatted as described in the experimental standard, Googlebot will ignore the 103 and wait for the subsequent response (which is hopefully a 200).”

The HTTP 103 Early Hints information response may be sent by a server while it is still preparing a response, with hints about the resources that the server is expecting the final response will link. This allows a browser to start preloading resources even before the server has prepared and sent that final response. The early hint response is primarily intended for use with the Link header, which indicates the resources to be loaded. It may also contain a Content-Security-Policy header that is enforced while processing the early hint. As explained here, this is an experimental feature.

Forum discussion at LinkedIn.

Matt Diggity interviewed two of the six people who ran, a site that completely dominated the Google search results for a couple of months. In short, they posted 6,000 posts per day by scraping review content from Amazon. The site grew to 6 million users and $19,000 per day within one month but the site was penalized by Google and no longer ranks now.

But it brought in $800,000 during those two months. Matt interviewed Asif Mohammad and Kaisar Hamid.

The strategy was to use old domains that had a nice SEO reputation and just produce an insane amount of content daily. They did not do a lot of linking at all, they said.

Here is the video from Matt Diggity:

It is just amazing that this worked even for a couple of months but hey, I love their passion. You can see that the site was mentioned several times in the comments here but also was a topic many SEOs were buzzing about for a few months several months ago.

Google announced a few news-related updates, including that the Google News Showcase is finally coming to US news publishers, an updated follow tab in the Google News app, and survey features in Google Reader Revenue Manager.

Google News Showcase

which launched first in Germany and Brazil back in October 2020 has been expanding to many more countries over the past few years. But the United States was not one of them, that is until now. Google said News Showcase is coming to the US with more than 150 news publications across 39 states, the majority of them representing local and regional news, Google said.

That makes it now over 22 countries globally with more than 2,300 publishers who signed up for News Showcase.

The following feature in the Google News app has been updated, moved to the bottom, and is easier to get to. The Follow feature will be available globally on Android soon and then expand to iOS later this year.

Google said this “will help publishers ask their readers questions to better understand their demographic profile and interests, so they can serve more relevant content and advertisements.”

Forum discussion on Twitter.

Google Rolling Out Dedicated Perspectives Feature?

Google may be rolling out the dedicated “perspectives” filter, not just the perspectives filter that rolled out a couple of weeks ago, but the perspectives carousel. This is what Google announced at Google I/O where they said, “You can also access this content through a dedicated Perspectives section that may appear on the results page, which builds on our earlier work to bring more diverse voices to Search. By tapping the “See more” link, you’ll be able to access the same full page of perspectives content that you would by tapping the filter.” The dedicated version is now rolling out for some.

I was able to replicate it once while in Chrome iOS mobile incognito but then I lost it. I tried tons of mobile browsers but still can’t get it back. Either Google is rolling it out slowly now or it is a test.

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