Apollo.io Best sales intelligence platform and drive more revenue?

is Apollo.io Best sales intelligence platform and drive more revenue?

Let’s conduct a detailed analysis and figure out whether Apollo.io is worth your attention or not

Apollo.io stands as a comprehensive sales intelligence platform, offering an array of tools designed to streamline the process of prospecting, engaging, and maximizing revenue generation. It serves as a valuable resource for both sellers and marketers, aiding them in the discovery of potential customers, connecting with contacts, and establishing modern go-to-market strategies.

At the core of Apollo’s offerings is its B2B Database, an extensive resource that encompasses over 270 million contacts and 60 million companies, providing teams with robust and accurate data. This wealth of information empowers businesses to make informed decisions and target their efforts more effectively.

Apollo’s Engagement Suite is a pivotal component, enabling teams to scale outbound activities and implement sequences with efficiency. By utilizing this suite, sellers and marketers can enhance their outreach efforts, driving meaningful engagement with their target audience.The Intelligence Engine, another key feature of Apollo.io, acts as a catalyst for elevating entire go-to-market processes. With intelligent recommendations and analytics, businesses can gain valuable insights that contribute to more effective closing strategies.

Since its inception in 2015, Apollo.io has evolved into a leading data intelligence and sales engagement platform, earning the trust of over 10,000 customers. Its user base spans from rapidly growing startups to global enterprises, highlighting the platform’s versatility and effectiveness across diverse business landscapes. As businesses navigate the complexities of modern sales and marketing, Apollo.io remains a reliable ally, facilitating data-driven decision-making and contributing to the success of its extensive user community.

The platform offers a seamless integration of a robust contact database with the ability to execute full outbound campaigns. This combination proves to be a significant differentiator among sales automation tools.

A standout feature is the instant access to millions of contacts through Apollo’s extensive database. This is particularly advantageous for companies seeking a cost-effective solution compared to premium contact database offerings. The database comes with a “prospect searcher” feature, allowing users to target specific prospects with 60+ filters, such as VC Funding, Technologies Used, and Job Changes, making it invaluable for B2B sales prospecting.

Data enrichment is a valuable addition to Apollo’s data offering, enriching data records with 65+ data points from the Apollo database. Apollo Refresh ensures that CRM data stays up-to-date by notifying users of contact job changes or promotions.

The workflow feature is the core offering of Apollo’s outreach tool, allowing users and teams to create custom sequences. In a crowded space that includes alternatives like SalesLoft and Outreach.io, Apollo stands out by powering both individual users and large outbound teams.

The Intelligence feature includes Analytics, a Scoring Engine, and The Cockpit. Prebuilt dashboards facilitate quick analysis of key metrics, such as conversion rates and connect rates. The Scoring Engine prioritizes outreach based on prospect behavior, with customization options available. The Cockpit provides a customizable single view of tasks, activities, and relevant information.

Apollo.io integrates seamlessly with standard tools required by most sales teams, including notable CRM integrations with Salesforce and HubSpot. Email integrations cover Gmail and Outlook, and other essential integrations include LinkedIn, Marketo, and Sendgrid. Apollo also offers an API.

As of a recent update, Apollo now includes intent data, enhancing its capabilities.

You can get contact information and prospect directly on LinkedIn, no need to ever leave your browser. Save time, prospect better with our Chrome extension!

Apollo claims over 275,000 users, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Notable customers include Gong, GoDaddy, Intel, Atlassian, Docusign, Drift, Eventbrite, Appdynamics, Brex, Peloton, EY, Semrush, Compass, Jobvite, and Autodesk.

Apollo.io is well-suited for small businesses, startups, and small sales teams. Its affordability and seamless integration of contact data into outbound sequences make it a valuable tool. However, it may not be the ideal choice for large sales teams, with Outreach or Salesloft being better-suited options.

Customer service is available via email for all plans except the Free plan. The Custom plan includes a Dedicated Customer Success Manager, Training, and Onboarding. The customer service team, located overseas, is responsive and effective during normal business hours.

  1. Pricing: Apollo offers affordable plans, starting as low as $19 per month, making it accessible for individuals and companies with varying budgets.
  2. Size of Database: Apollo provides a vast database with millions of contacts, offering a substantial resource for sales and prospecting activities.
  3. Sales Engagement Platform: Combining data and engagement tools, Apollo’s platform includes features like Sequences, Dialer, Inbound Meeting Scheduling, and AI Writing Assistant, providing a comprehensive solution for sales teams.
  4. Analytics Dashboard: Apollo’s analytics platform offers insightful data on email performance, allowing users to make informed decisions for their outbound campaigns.
  1. Data Quality: Approximately 30-45% of Apollo’s data may be inaccurate, particularly in terms of email addresses. Factors like employee turnover and role changes contribute to this issue.
  2. Record Selecting Limit: The record selection limit, tied to pricing plans, restricts users to choosing only 25 contacts at a time. This can be cumbersome for smaller teams or those relying on mass outreach.
  3. Price Changes: Apollo’s pricing appears to change sporadically, which can be confusing for users. The lack of consistency in pricing models may result in different customers paying varying amounts.
  4. Mass Email Functionality: While the mass email functionality exists, there are reported issues with a significant number of emails ending up in recipients’ spam folders, impacting the effectiveness of email outreach.
  5. No Zapier Integration: Apollo lacks integration with Zapier, making it challenging to sync email prospecting in Apollo with leads in other Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools without manual work.
  6. Email Campaign Management: Users have reported challenges in managing email campaigns, including instances where campaigns continued running unintentionally, causing potential issues.


Unlimited Email Credits(10,000/month per account)60 Mobile Credits / year120 Export Credits / year

Basic Sequence Automation (2 Sequence Limit)Basic FiltersBuying Intent (3 Intent Topics Limit) & Intent FiltersAI-Assisted Email Writing (5k words monthly limit)LinkedIn ExtensionSend 250 Emails/dayGmail ExtensionDealsCSV ExportCustom FieldsZapier IntegrationLimited API AccessAdvanced Salesforce & HubSpot Integration (Bi-Directional)Custom StagesConversations (150 minutes recording limit)Free trialPlays (2 Plays Limit)


Unlimited Email Credits

(Min. 120,000/year per account)

900 Mobile Credits / year

12,000 Export Credits / year

Select 10,000 Records at a Time

Buying Intent (6 Intent Topics Limit) & Intent Filters

Job Changes

Outreach & SalesLoft Integration

Advanced Filters

Integration with All Email Providers

Email Open & Click Tracking

Advanced Greenhouse Integration (Bi-Directional)

Data Enrichment


A/B Testing

Plays (20 Plays Limit)


Unlimited Email Credits

(Min. 120,000/year per account)1,200 Mobile Credits / year24,000 Export Credits / year

No Sequence Limit

Uncapped Sending Limits with SendGrid

Advanced Reports & Dashboards (Pre-Built)

Email Reply & Meeting Tracking

AI-Assisted Email Writing (300k words monthly limit)

Manual Tasks

Call Recordings

Permission Profiles

Buying Intent (9 Intent Topics Limit) & Intent Filters

Conversations (4000 minutes recording limit)

Alternatives to Apollo.io

Several competitors and alternatives exist in the sales engagement platform space, including SalesLoft, Outreach, Groove, Mixmax, Xant Playbooks, Yesware, PersistIQ, and Autoklose. For those focused on a robust contact database, alternatives include Zoominfo, Lusha, Seamless.ai, Clearbit, and Uplead.

Users find Apollo.io to be a valuable tool, offering an affordable price point for a sales engagement platform and contact database. While the UI may require some adjustment, the integration of the contact database with the sales engagement platform proves seamless. The data quality is satisfactory, and features like easy A/B testing and analytics contribute to its usefulness.

  • Contact Data Availability:
    • Percentage: 89%
    • Based on 1,914 reviews
  • Company Data Availability:
    • Percentage: 90%
    • Based on 1,894 reviews
  • Industry Research Availability:
    • Percentage: 88%
    • Based on 1,742 reviews
  • Additional Contact Data Availability:
    • Percentage: 89%
    • Based on 24 reviews
  • Account Data Availability:
    • Percentage: 86%
    • Based on 25 reviews
  • Offline Data:
    • Percentage: 79%
    • Based on 25 reviews
  • Contact Data Accuracy:
    • Percentage: 86%
    • Based on 1,867 reviews
  • Company Data
    • Percentage: 88%
    • Based on 1,833 reviews
  • Lead Builder:
    • Percentage: 91%
    • Based on 1,459 reviews
  • Integration to CRM/Marketing Automation:
    • Percentage: 88%
    • Based on 1,225 reviews
  • Data Cleaning/Enrichment:
    • Percentage: 88%
    • Based on 1,296 reviews
  • Data Segmentation/Filtering:
    • Percentage: 89%
    • Based on 1,419 reviews
  • Search:
    • Percentage: 93%
    • Based on 1,749 reviews
  • News/People Alerts:
    • Percentage: 87%
    • Based on 1,025 reviews
  • Reporting:
    • Percentage: 88%
    • Based on 1,237 reviews
  • Messaging:
    • Percentage: 89%
    • Based on 1,171 reviews
  • User, Role, and Access Management:
    • Percentage: 90%
    • Based on 1,128 reviews
  • Performance and Reliability:
    • Percentage: 92%
    • Based on 1,246 reviews
  • Reporting/Dashboards:
    • Percentage: 88%
    • Based on 1,097 reviews
  • Mobile User Support:
    • Percentage: 82%
    • Based on 751 reviews
  • APIs:
    • Percentage: 86%
    • Based on 754 reviews
  • Data Synchronizatio
    • Percentage: 88%
    • Based on 29 reviews
  • Provides analysis on lead scores, funnel insights, and both open and closed opportunities:
    • Percentage: 91%
    • Based on 29 reviews
  • Market Insights:
    • Percentage: 89%
    • Based on 863 reviews
  • Lead Analysis:
    • Percentage: 91%
    • Based on 914 reviews
  • Lead Intelligence:
  • Lead Validation:
    • Percentage: 90%
    • Based on 2,680 reviews
  • Lead Enrichment:
    • Percentage: 89%
    • Based on 2,529 reviews
  • Lead Quality:
    • Percentage: 89%
    • Based on 2,717 reviews
  • Lead Analysis:
    • Percentage: 88%
    • Based on 2,418 reviews
  • Browser Extension:
    • Percentage: 93%
    • Based on 2,544 reviews
  • Segmentation:
    • Percentage: 90%
    • Based on 855 reviews
  • Predictive Scoring:
    • Percentage: 87%
    • Based on 744 reviews
  • Account Identificatio
    • Percentage: 91%
    • Based on 873 reviews
  • Customization:
    • Percentage: 90%
    • Based on 793 reviews
  • Omni-Channel Tracking:
    • Percentage: 89%
    • Based on 40 reviews
  • Revenue Planning:
    • Percentage: 85%
    • Based on 39 reviews
  • Media Attribution:
    • Percentage: 85%
    • Based on 40 reviews
  • Opportunity Timeli
    • Percentage: 86%
    • Based on 39 reviews
  • Website Personalization:
    • Percentage: 85%
    • Based on 38 reviews
  • Prioritized Accounts:
    • Percentage: 90%
    • Based on 40 reviews
  • Trending Accounts:
    • Percentage: 90%
    • Based on 39 reviews
  • Email Campaigns:
    • Percentage: 90%
    • Based on 40 reviews
  • Attribution:
    • Percentage: 86%
    • Based on 39 reviews
  • Lead Assignment:
    • Percentage: 87%
    • Based on 1,325 reviews
  • Opportunity Scoring:
    • Percentage: 88%
    • Based on 1,422 reviews
  • Deal Funnel Tracking:
    • Percentage: 89%
    • Based on 1,271 reviews
  • Quota Management:
    • Percentage: 86%
    • Based on 1,189 reviews
  • Sales Forecastin
    • Percentage: 87%
    • Based on 1,215 reviews
  • Support Quality:
    • Percentage: 89%
    • Based on 1,496 reviews
  • Response Time:
    • Percentage: 90%
    • Based on 1,437 reviews
  • Training:
    • Percentage: 87%
    • Based on 1,325 reviews

Apollo.io is used by SDRs, Account Executives, Founders, and anyone who needs to do outbound prospecting. Recruiters can also use it. It is great for small sales teams and solo founders.

Yes, Apollo is safe to use as long as you follow the appropriate laws of your country for prospecting. Apollo does not sell or share your data with third parties.

Apollo.io has a freemium pricing model. The free plan includes access to the database of verified business contacts and email enrichment tools. You can upgrade to a paid plan to add additional features, such as a CRM, email tracking, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration.

  • Verified business contacts database: Apollo.io has a database of over 270 million verified business contacts. You can search for contacts by company name, title, industry, location, and more.
  • Email enrichment tools: Apollo.io can enrich your email addresses with additional information, such as job title, company website, and social media profiles.
  • CRM: Apollo.io includes a CRM for managing your sales pipeline. You can track your leads, deals, and interactions with potential customers.
  • Email tracking: Apollo.io can track whether your emails have been opened, clicked, and replied to.
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration: Apollo.io integrates with LinkedIn Sales Navigator to give you access to even more data on potential customers.

Apollo.io is easy to use. You can create an account and start using the platform in minutes. There are also plenty of resources available to help you get started, including tutorials and webinars.

  • Increased sales productivity: Apollo.io can help you increase your sales productivity by providing you with the tools you need to find and connect with potential customers.
  • Improved lead quality: Apollo.io’s verified business contacts database can help you improve your lead quality.
  • Reduced prospecting time: Apollo.io can help you reduce your prospecting time by automating many of the tasks involved in finding and connecting with potential customers.
  • Increased close rate: Apollo.io can help you increase your close rate by providing you with the tools you need to nurture your leads and move them through the sales funnel.

You can learn more about Apollo.io by visiting their website or contacting their sales team. They also have a blog with helpful articles and tips for using their platform.

Apollo.io emerges as an appealing product due to its combination of a robust database and a sales engagement platform. The monthly Professional plan, with its risk-free flexibility, offers great value. The platform is particularly beneficial for small teams, startups, or individuals engaged in cold outreach.

  • Great value for the Professional plan
  • Monthly contract available
  • Two-in-one functionality

Our verdict – Apollo.io is worth your attention, there are a lot of advantages!

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